Online marijuana academy

According to the new laws proposed by state regulators, it is now possible to open medical marijuana dispensaries in all the legal states.  Although, much information on how to open a medical cannabis dispensary is not available, the regulators have drafted rules which outlines how new laws related to the medical marijuana industry are going to be implemented.  You can attend an online marijuana academy to get all the information you need.  But you can also read the following to get an idea of what is required of you.

Firstly, you must meet all the eligibility requirements and submit your application.  If two or more candidates apply from one region, then only one will be chosen and this will be based on a public lottery system.  The first name that comes up will be considered provided the applicant meets all eligibility requirements.   After this, the applicant will get 30 days in which he/she has to pay for a licence.  A licence costs $150,000.  Failure to pay this amount within 30 days will result in cancellation and a new applicant will be chosen.

There are many other requirements that an applicant must meet such as keeping the dispensary open for at least 30 hours every week, providing a list of staff that are over 21 years old and have passed background screening, etc.  It is not easy to open and operate a cannabis business and therefore it is essential that you find out all the information you need on how to open a medical cannabis dispensary before you take the next step.  This is the reason we advise that you attend an online marijuana academy.

April 5, 2017