Delivery Service General Manager

Position Title –  Delivery Service General Manager

Pay rate starting from $10.50 per hour (depending on experience).

Job Summary:

Assisting customers/members.  Assisting members in any and all needs including:

  • Verifying and checking recommendations either online or on the phone,
  • Signing up new members.  
  • Packaging and labeling.  
  • Handling phone and customer email support.

Experience: Minimum Two (2) years of employment experience in dealing with customers in any business setting.  Any marijuana retail experience is a plus.

Must be 21 years of age or older.  Criminal background check with no felony convictions.  Must have reliable transportation.

Working knowledge of medical marijuana and customer service and knowledge of weights and measures.

Knowledge of local and state laws and regulations pertaining to medical and/or retail marijuana.  Social networking and internet.

Office Skills: Computer literate, PC or Apple OS, Google services – gmail, drive, apps. Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, Powerpoint.

Hours: 40-50 hours/week is expected, but outside of that schedule (i.e. meetings, deliveries) might be required.

Physical duties may be required including: lifting up to 50 Lbs. and moving boxes, inventory, and/or equipment, furniture, desks, display cases.

Job Duties:

Member assisting and customer service; including but not limited to:

  • Customer service,
  • Verifying of recommendations
  • Signing up new members,
  • Order filling,
  • Labeling,
  • Customer assistance,
  • Social media posting,
  • Dispatch of delivery drivers,
    • Opening & closing store,
    • Inventory management,
    • Traceability system operations,
      • Order management,
        • Cannabis and related products
        • Packaging
        • Advertising